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Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is a method in which water is prevented from getting into one’s home through crawl spaces and basements. What distinguishes exterior waterproofing from interior waterproofing is that it doesn’t control the water that has already entered your home because it doesn’t allow water to enter your home, to begin with.

How Water Enters from the Exterior

Basement walls can be prone to moisture and condensation. Exterior waterproofing is sure to prevent water from causing troubles to your basement as well as your home foundation. If the ground around your home becomes saturated and contracts it can create the foundation of your home to be unstable which can lead to cracks in the basement’s foundation. Cracks are an entryway for water to get into your home. Some cracks are too small to be noticed that can be an added concern. Another point of interest is condensation and moisture that can buildup in your basement and cause problems to your basement.

Waterproofing Advantages

  • Prevent damage
  • Add value
  • Increase resale value
  • It Gives You Peace of mind

Methods of Waterproofing

  • Minimal Disruption
  • Minimal excavation

Exterior waterproofing can be done in a number of ways. We can work on minimizing the interruption of the process not only to the surrounding area but also to your daily life. We don’t use heavy equipment for the installation of the exterior waterproofing that is why you don’t have to worry about the effect on your landscape. We will only need an average of 18 inches of excavation to complete the project.

Subsoil Drainage/French Drains

    French drains can be installed not just in your basement but also at the exterior of your home. Exterior French drains deflect water away from your home. This helps in preventing subsurface water from saturating the ground that can eventually cause your foundation to weaken and get damaged. French drains can be easily installed by professional waterproofing personnel, and it causes minimal damage to your landscape. Installing French drain is an effective way to prevent future issues regarding your basement from arising.

    Driveway Drains

    Driveway drains are also used as an exterior waterproofing technique. It is different from other methods in a way that it is installed in a driveway. Driveway drains, just like French drains deflect water to a drainage system away from your home. It aims to keep the water away before it gets inside the house and cause trouble. Driveway drains are built with metal grates that prevent particles such as leaves and other debris from clogging the blocking the waterway. It is crucial to make sure that the path of water is far from home to ensure that driveway drains function its best.

    Downspout Lines

    Downspout drains are directly connected to the home’s downspout and deflect water away. However, in some cases where downspouts or gutters are insufficient for the level of rainfall, water can start to buildup which can lead to soil swelling. Soil swelling can compromise the integrity of the home’s foundation and lead to damages. Installation of downspout lines is easy and causes a minimal effect on your landscape.

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